Hi, I'm Christine.

Former professional dancer
turned marketing pro
turned design pro

(and yes, my feet have finally healed)

Hunting a unicorn?

I've been there on the ground floor when a startup team is stretching its skillset to do the work of dozens. I understand how hard it is to find someone who you can trust to understand the business goals while working seamlessly with developers, and taking care of all the "design stuff" that the rest of the team can't take on.

It's not easy to find designers who can address the wide range of needs from product design, content writing, interaction requirements, visual and interface design, and front-end development. While I do not claim to have mastery of all these areas, I have a high level of expertise in a number of them and a growing knowledge base of the rest.

My greatest skills? Building high-quality interactive experiences, both in how the design works and what it looks like. Building a story with your product that delights the user. This includes the UX process work, the UI design, front-end coding, and oftentimes, content writing.

Plus one big bonus: I come with over a decade of business and marketing experience, so I also bring a deep reserve of knowledge in identifying user needs and targeting those areas that drive the most important metrics to build traction and scale the business.

From Startups to Fortune 500s

I've been privileged to work with a wide range of companies,
from small startups to large multinational brands.

500 Startups