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The challenge was to create a web-based application for schools to manage their enrollment process. The current process for many preschools and ECE centers is paper-based, time-intensive, and inefficient. The goal is to digitize and automate the process for administrators and parents, while also improving schools' compliance with licensing requirements.

My Role

Acting as both product manager and UX/UI designer, my role was to prioritize user needs, gather requirements, map a structure & user flow for the product MVP, design the UI, and test for usability among school administrators.

User Tasks
User Flows

Information Architecture/User Flows

After establishing initial requirements based on user input, I began building a more detailed structure and flow for the application. This included frequent group reviews with development and sales teams as flows and initial wireframes were refined. Based on time constraints, we opted to roll out the contracting component of the platform as Phase 1, and the forms packet component as Phase 2.

Visual Design Approach & Prototyping

The target users (preschool administrators) are used to working within a paper-based process and are not typically very tech-savvy. Based on pre-prototype-stage user interviews, the primary concern is that learning a new "system" would be confusing and complicated. So it was imperative that the interface be simple, clean, and straightforward. Maximizing white space and designing with a limited, light color palette, the UI should keep the focus on the task at hand.

Working from rough wireframe sketches, I designed high-fidelity prototypes for each page. Creating an interactive prototype from the screen UI's using Invision, I worked with the sales team to conduct user testing with a range of customers. In some cases we used Solidify to create a series of tasks to evaluate completion time, and I selected Typeform to solicit written feedback from our test users following each test. Results from prototype tests were very positive, which gave us a boost to move forward with development.

Enrollment Packet Build

Enrollment Mockups Wall
Enrollment Contract Setup Screen

UI Design

Finally, I drafted the interface for the app, integrating the visual design elements with the interaction design of the apps. This began as sketches, then wireframes, and ultimately hi-fidelity interactive prototypes for testing using InVision.

Beta Launch

The application is now in beta testing with schools. Meeting weekly as a team to review feedback, we are continuing to make minor iterations on the UX & UI while working through bugs.

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