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Independent publisher Little Pickle Press planned to have an app created for one of its multi-award winning books, "What Does It Mean To Be Global?" The goal of the app was to expand on the book's theme of exploring the world through various cultures, religions, languages and traditions. Targeted to kids 6-9, the app needed to bring an interactive and multi-media experience to the story to encourage exploration and understanding of the concept of "being global".

My role was to work with SachManya (the developers of the app) to design the animations and interactive features for each page. This also included creating new content in the form of a quiz and activities to complement the educational concepts within the book.

Animation & Interactions Planning

An early step was to identify which elements should be interactive and/or animated. This also included drafting out ideas for games and activities that supported the story themes and that could use readapted art from the original book illustrations.

Prototypes were created for the top activities being considered, from which the list was culled down in conjunction with the development team.

  activity prototypes
Animation Planning   Hello Multilingual Game
Camel Sprites

Animation Design & Development

After storyboarding the main animations, I began the process of developing the individual sprites for specific movements. In this example, a series of individual sprites were created for the steps of a camel walking across the screen. The app included over 50 animations and touch-based interactions in its final version.


"Being Global" won the 2012 Appy Award for Best Multicultural Media App, beating out Disney's "It's a Small World" for the top prize. It became a finalist for the 2012 Ragazzi Digital Awards in Bologna, Italy. And it was nominated for the 2012 MacWorld Best In Show. It has also been a featured app in iTunes App Store multiple times since its release in 2012.