STUFF Film Festival

Sacramento Underground
Film Festival


Self Initiated




visual design

I undertook this project as a case study for the Academy of Art's Web Design-New Media department. The challenge was to design an identity, integrated visual campaign, and mobile app for the Sacramento Underground Film Festival, based on consumer research of independent film goers in the midtown Sacramento area.

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Research & Strategy

I conducted demographic and psychographic research, competitive analysis of underground festivals from other cities, developed user personas, and integrated research to identify user tasks for development of a festival app.

Information Architecture

After developing the app requirements, I then begin building the structure, flow and architecture for the app. This included developing and testing user flows for each user persona.

Visual Design

Meanwhile, I began developing the identity for "Stuff" (SacTown Underground Film Festival). This included creating mood, color and texture boards, word lists, and logo sketches. After multiple rounds of concepts and refinements, the logo was finalized and the graphic designs for the print elements were developed.

UI Design

Finally, I drafted the interface for the app, integrating the visual design elements with the interaction design of the apps. This began as sketches, then wireframes, and ultimately hi-fidelity interactive prototypes for testing using InVision.


The integrated campaign was awarded a coveted spot in the Academy of Art's 2013 Spring Show at the Palace of Fine Arts, showcasing the best work of the year in design and the arts.